Studiotopia’s residency, exhibition, art and pop-up lab programme aims to establish better connections between arts and science, cultural & research institutions and with European citizens.


Art&Science Residency

important information for applicants (5/8/2020)


A short progress update on the selection process of STUDIOTOPIA Art&Science Residency. 

Like everyone else, we feel the impact of the COVID-19 situation. New security and travel measures highly influenced the availability of our staff and candidates to advance with the selection procedure. 

Most of our partners have already proceeded with the interviews of shortlisted candidates. A full list of the successful candidates should be available in the course of the coming weeks. We apologize for the delays.

Congrats to all the applicants who made it to the next phase. You should receive all the necessary information from the residency facilitator of the partnering institution. Stay tuned for the upcoming online events in September! 

For those who were not invited to the interview - we would like to thank you for your time and your interest in our program. We hope to invite you to our events. Do check our website and Facebook page for future opportunities - we would be happy to collaborate with you!


Artists are inviting Scientists to their studios

STUDIOTOPIA is a creative journey addressing sustainable development across Europe through the converging views of art and science. This initiative aims to increase collaborations between cultural and research institutions, academia, innovation centres, creatives and European citizens. 


In the course of almost two years, STUDIOTOPIA will offer 13 artists and 13 scientists a unique opportunity to collaborate together for a duration of seventeen months. Our residency programme aims to encourage scientists to exchange ideas, knowledge and methodologies with International visual artists while visiting their studios. Results, developed concepts, research material or artworks generated during STUDIOTOPIA residencies will be exhibited in partnering venues across Europe. Residency aims to create opportunities for artists and scientists to share their expertise with wide international audiences, curators, art specialists and researchers. 


We call upon scientists to join artists in this speculative journey and to propose tentative solutions to global challenges in a collaborative, non-hierarchical residency. 

Who can apply?





  • Applicants from any scientific discipline are welcome to apply (natural sciences, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, medicine and health sciences, agriculture, social sciences...).
  • Any nationality is eligible, but applicants must be resident in the EU, UK or a country that currently participates in the Creative Europe Programme (Iceland, Norway, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, Tunisia, Armenia, Kosovo). (Only European travels will be funded).
  • Applicant must be willing to travel up to 6 times during the residency period since residencies will take place in different European cities (depending on the location of an artist’s studio). 
  • Motivation to share expertise and willingness to critically interrogate at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is crucial.
  • Transnational projects will be prioritized. 
  • Proficiency in English (working language).



Selection Criteria


  • Relevance to UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Motivation to use novel research methods, new materials & new resources.
  • Expertise and quality of past works.
  • We opt for gender equality.


The selection board is composed of representatives from each partnering institution, international experts from diverse scientific fields and the participating artists.


Are you the Scientist we are looking for?

How to apply?

use our online appication form

to submit the following documents:


  • Short biography (including links to previous, current research)
  • Motivation letter, this letter should include answers to the following questions:
    • Select the artist of your preference and describe what are your common grounds with the artist or his/her work
    • Motivation to work on SDG and relation to your current research 
    • Describe your previous collaborative experience
    • Let us know how did you get familiar about our Open Call

Feel concerned by Environmental Challenges?

What to expect?

what studiotopia offers for SUCCESSFUL candidates:


  • Selected scientific collaborators receive a €1000 fee
  • Travel and subsistence costs are provided to attend the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria
  • Travel and subsistence costs within Europe are provided by supporting cultural partners to meet with your collaborative partner up to six times
  • Support with research and production-related costs in consultation with your host institution
  • Support in disseminating scientific concepts, working models and methodologies across Europe to (young) audiences, policymakers and art professionals

How does this work in practice?

What is the aim of this residency?

The aim of the residency programme is to create an experimental space where scientists and artists can exchange ideas, learn from each other, develop methods for transdisciplinary collaboration and create speculative solutions to sustainable development. The purpose of the programme is also to formulate a clearer understanding of how artists and scientists can work together, and how such interactions can contribute to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How Long and what type of engagement is needed? 

All artists were selected and are represented by STUDIOTOPIA founding partners. Scientists have the opportunity to collaborate with leading international artists for a duration of seventeen months. Differently from traditional residency models, STUDIOTOPIA residency takes place in artist's studio and is not a full-time activity. Only around six physical meetings should be planned. Monthly remote meetings using Skype, phone, email, letters will be highly encouraged as to keep the conversations going. Each duo will be accompanied by a facilitator. 




What about the outcomes?


Documentation of the collaborative art and science exchange is expected to be produced by the participants during the residence. The specific form of this documentation is open to collaborative partners. It could consist of an artistic work, scientific paper, performance, workshop, documentary, podcast, journal, collection of interviews, a formal report or something else completely. Collaborative partners can prepare an idea of a proposal after their first meeting and with the support of the host institution. Additionally, participants are expected to provide feedback on their experience of the collaborative process to their host institution. 





31/05/2020 Application Online - deadline


15/06/2020 Successful applicants personally notified

05/08/2020 Successful applicants invited to an interview will be notified on July 1st and final decisions will be announced on August 5th. The delays are caused by the current global COVID-19 crisis and this might result in some activities taking virtual forms. 


09-11/09/2020 Residency Starts: Matchmaking Event at Ars Electronica for Successful Participants, Artists, Scientific Committee Members and STUDIOTOPIA Consortium


15/10/2020 Collaborative partners submit a residency program proposal to artist supporting institution. The exact working plan is established on the basis of availabilities of both participants


31/12/2021 Estimated end of Residencies


01/01/2022 Dissemination of results 



Contact Us form is at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you have any questions!


Meet the Artists

Successful candidates will be announced in August!

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